News about Brent crude oil US crude oil rate increase

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Happy Friday.. Today Brent Crude Oil and US Crude came-up with good news for you.

brent crude pil price is getting low

After falling price for 6 months, now Brent Crude Oil and US Crude back into the game by saying “I’m Back”

Brent crude oil and US Crude Rate rates

Today Brent crude oil rose above $60/barrel. This saved many investors and Oil traders re-covering from near a five&half year risks..

Wood Mackenzie said that

At this rate of $60/barrel(Brent Crude oil), There are only three companies were able get good and free cash flow to meet their expenses,  .

on Friday, recovering from near a 5-1/2-year low as investors squared books ahead of the year-end festive break after six months of falling prices. FYI: Both of the Brent crude oil and US crude valued half rate during June 2014, after that huge decline, its came back to the game. Few of them would predicted this using indicators.  U.S. crude value was up $1.20 sold at the rate of $55.31 –  Sources says.

Bloomberg Report about Oil CashFlow

Also Bloomberg compiled a data and gave a detailed report about the cash flow  of traded products which belongs to oil commodity. In this report, its is shown that, US Oil Fund and ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil, received an amount of about $702.2 Million USD, November they received a cash of $559,85 Million USD. Totally, it said that funds received by them from May 2010 equates $1.54 Billion in USD.

The chief investment officer of United States Commodity Futures Funds, Mr. John Hyland said that

 “You want prices lower if you’re buying,”

$75 is the right price for oil – OilVoices

Andrew McKillop, AMK Consultant said in OilVoice,  that huge number of experts and investors love to agree that $75/ Barrel is a reasonable price and sustainable price.


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