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apple smart watch for sport design

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is gearing up to give a tough fight to Chinese products in their home turf; China. Asia, particularly China and India are weak points in Apple’s world dominance strategy as these markets are very price sensitive.

Apple would not like to lower its price or its quality; hence it has to contend with lower sales in these critical markets. These markets are currently logging high sales growth in the smartphone industry particularly in the low-cost segment.

New strategies to corner market share:

As Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is caught in a tight bind, it is exploring other strategies. One clever strategy that it debuted last September during the launch of iPhone 6 is to offer Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG)’s Android users facility to transfer data to iOS; Apple’s own operating systems.

Transferring data from one operating system to another is a big headache; many people do not switch over, for this reason. As Android is installed in maximum smartphones, shifting from one manufacturer to another is an easy task. Consumers used to face difficulty in transferring data from iOS to Android and vice-versa. Apple is now planning to go a step ahead.

They had always maintained a robust recycling program under which consumers could trade in their old iPhones for newer versions. Respected industry sources aver that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is thinking of rolling out this program to cover all models across the industry.

This move may not appear to be aimed at Chinese or Indian markets, but it will pay dividends as most Asians are averse to disposing of old products. It will also help Apple capture a higher market share in the rest of the world.



women slavery

Have you ever think about the women and their role in Investment world?

If not, then this article and the info-graphic will be the best answer for you..

facts about women and investment world

The above info-graphics is breakdown into pieces for more understanding.

Women investment and founding role in Startups world.

Women investment and founding role in Startups world


  • In Startups world, 8% were Female Founders and growing exponentially
  • Around 13% teams were founded by women
  • In-terms of capital raising, Teams with both men and women were raised huge capitals when compared to same gender teams.
  • 2 out of 19 IPOs companies had at least one woman officer.
  • Women venture capitalists are not at all believing in other women entrepreneurs. But women venture capitalist are giving more preference to partnership startups.
  • 9.1% of Silicon valley companies have women as board members. While 16% of Standard & Poor’s 500 companies have around 16%.

Women’s investment share

Women's investment share

  • Women own only 1% of the whole world’s property
  • They earn only 10% of the world’s income. While men contribute 90% of the world’s income.
  • When it comes to the food production, women produces equal amount of food production.
  • On Performance, Women exceeds the men by performing 66% of the world’s work.

Women’s contribution and investment in Business world

women in business and investment world

  • More than 50% of U.S. Adult population have women power. But only 35% involved in startups.
  • However this 35% is estimated over 8.1 Million business owned by women.
  • Revenue generated from the business owned by women make $1.3 trillion in revenues.

Women & Raising capital investment for their startup companies

women seeking investment from angel capital firm

  • Women starting the companies with 8% less funding than men.
  • Women are Un-successful in raising angel capital. Only 9.4% of those females were successful in raising the angel capital for their business.
  • Only 3% of accepted Y combinator projects are from Women.

Women Investors in U.S.

women investors in U.S. america

  • Since 1995, around 64% of women in the investment industry went away.
  • Women are 11% of investing partners at venture capital firms.
  • Women represent over 15% of angel investors in U.S.

This Info-graphics was originally released by Ezebis. 


Steve Jobs Funeral | Apple ex-CEO

Do you love Apple Products?

Do you love iPhone, iPod, iWatch, iTv, etc.

Everyone’s answer will be a Huge Yes.!!

Like us, every investor and stock traders loves Apple stocks very much. Apple stocks may have met many downward growth. But Still its is highly trust able stocks to trade with.


Want to Download this Apple Stocks Price Analysis as PDF?

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Apple Stocks Price range from Dec, 1980 to Jan, 2015

apple stocks price increase from 1980 to 2015

In Dec, 1980, Apple went Public and traded at a stock price of $4 per share. Today Apple is traded at the stock price of $122 per share.

This is $118 a stock price increases in each shares, which is a 23,000% increase in Apple Price.

How a Single Apple Product “iPhone” changed the Apple Stock price in 8years?

how iphone changed the apple stock price in 8years


Its found that, Apple Quarterly revenue increased 10times when compared to 2007 Quarterly earnings.

iPhone become their most important product with a share of about 69%.

What happened to Apple Stock Price whenever Apple Releases New iPhones and iPads?

what happened to Apple stocks when new Iphone is released

Look at the Info-graphics above. You could find there is a good percentage of Apple stock price increase whenever Apple announces a new iPhones and iPads except iPhone 3G and iPhone 4.

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How Apple Stocks price increase when new Apple Product is launched

buy apple stocks to become a millionaire

Look at the Info-graphics above.

From 2001 to 2007, more than 10products were launched from Apple. Specifically from 2004 to 2007 around 7products were launched.

Stock Price of Apple increased exponentially when Apple released iPod Photo and iPod shuffle. After having some down growth for 3months, Apple stocks price increased when they release iPod Nano and iPod video.

Look at the Infographics about Apple winning Strategies in building a Tech giant Company


Correlation between Wall Street Investors and Apple Stocks prices and Apple product announcements

Wall Street Like the Apple Stocks

Look at the Infographics above, you could find that Investors love iPhone and iPhone 5 very much than any of their apple products.

Like we researched in previous infographics, Stock price drops for the products like iPad, iPhone 3G s and iPhone4.

More than Steve Jobs, Tim Cook doubled the Apple’s Margins.

Tim Cook Apple CEO

 After Steve Jobs resigned as a CEO from Apple, Stock price went down like never before. But Tim Cook took care of the situation and came up with strategic plan. Time Cook doubled the Apple’s margins and profit percentage.

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Image Source: Freaking News

Sucess stock trader and investor billioniare-buffett-obama-medal

Who is Warren Buffett?

Warren Edward Buffett is world most successful investor and stock trader.

Now we are going to see the video tutorial by Warren Buffett.

How Warren Buffett turned $40 to $5 Million USD

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Few Facts about Warren Buffett:

  • -He was the the world’s wealthiest person in 2008, right now its Bill Gates :P
  • -He was most influential person in 2012, reported by TIME magazine.
  • -He promised to giveaway his 99% percent of wealth to philanthropic causes through Gates Foundation.
  • -He used Sell Coca-cola, magazine, etc in his child to learn sales.

Billionaire financier and Berkshire Hathaway Chief Executive Warren Buffett poses on a motorcycle during the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders meeting in Omaha, Nebraska May 3, 2008. REUTERS/Carlos Barria  (UNITED STATES)

  • -Warren Buffett made $37Million/perday which was reported by NYP
  • -Warren Buffett made strange statement of “Gold has no value”

warren buffet successful investor singing

  • -Warren Buffett started his carreer as Investment salesman at Buffett-Falk & CO

The Following picture was taken on annual shareholders meeting at Omaha. Where he was eating Icecream :)

warren buffett eating icecream at ohama meeting


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lamborghini aventor trading wins

Are you a Binary trading addict?

Did you fail in Binary options trading even using Indicators?

Do you want to drive Lamborghini Aventor?

If your answer is yes.! Then you came to the right article..

In this post, I’m going to show you 10 indicators to trade and win binary options.

Why should we use Indicators to trade options?

Are you confused to use Indicators?

boy confused in trading

As you (investors) know that, binary options are one of the profitable trading available in today’s market. If you think binary options is a gamble, then you are a completely wrong.!

If it’s a gamble, then how clever investors win the most and drives Lamborghini Aventor..While failing traders go bankrupt.!!

So if it’s not a gamble, then how should I win the binary options trading?

If you are using the following 10 Indicators to trade, and definitely you will win most of the trades. This will result in lots of money to buy Lamborghini Aventor.!

Now I’m going deep Into the article, take a cup of coffee and start reading the article..

Wait! Wait! Wait! Want to download this article?

You’ll get a bonus at the end of the article..So Stay Tuned :P

I’m going to tear down world’s most popular Binary options Indicators. These indicators will be most helpful for short-term traders such as 60seconds, 5minutes, 10minutes, and 15minutes trading.

Also These indicators are completely compatible with MT4 free charting tool.

List of Indicators to trade binary options:

  • 1. Stochastic oscillator
  • 2. Zig-zag Indicator
  • 3. Rainbow Strategy EMA Indicator
  • 4. MACD Indicator Moving Average Convergence Divergence
  • 5. Pivot Points Indicator
  • 6. Heikin Ashi Indicator
  • 7. Parabolic SAR An Indicator
  • 8. RVI Indicator Relative Vigor Index
  • 9. Bollinger Bands Indicators
  • 10. CCI Indicator Commodity Channel Index

1. Binary trading using Stochastic oscillator

How_to_Trade_with_Stochastic_OscillatorStochastic Oscillator is a technical momentum indicator.

How it works?

It works by analyzing an asset’s closing price to its range of price over a short period of time.

How Stochastic oscillator can be used?

It can be used for measuring the overbought and Oversold levels. It can also used for technical analysis.

How stochastic oscillator is plotted and Calculated?

It is plotted at a range of zero to 100.

Overbought conditions are identified when the indicator crosses above 80 and Oversold Conditions are identified when the indicator signal crosses below 20.

Advantages of stochastic oscillator in Binary trading?

– Stochastic Oscillators are easy to read and understand. Simplicity and elegance is one of the awesome advantages of this indicator.
– You will get more recent and current signal. If you could tune the oscillators to certain percentage, your accuracy will be amazing.

2. Zig-zag Indicator

zig zag indicators and strategies 2

Zig-Zag Indicator is a trend following Indicator.

How it works?

Zig-Zag Indiactors are used to predict the price fluctuations and Traders will profited using the market trend change.

How Zig-Zag Indicator can be used for Binary options trading?

Binary Options traders can use this indicator by combining it with two moving averages setting them at 2periods. If this combination gives a bullish signal, wait for the 2period to cross another 2moving averages..If that works..Call action can be done.

3. Rainbow Strategy EMA Indicator

Rainbow Strategy

How It works and How it’s calculated?

The Rainbow trading strategy involves three types of periods.

6periods, 14periods and 26periods(Exponential moving average)

How Uptrend and Downtrend is calculated?

If 6period is on top of both 14period and 26 Period EMA, and also top of 26period EMA has to be located below the 14period EMA. If this condition comes, it’s a clear sign of Uptrend.

Taking above action in reverse will produce the Downtrend.

When the Call and Put actions can be triggered?

Call Options: It can be triggered when the price goes downward to the 14periods EMA and started moving back up to the higher price. In this situation, Call options should be called.

Put Options: Taking in reverse. If the 14EMA periods go uptrends and start moving back downwards. In this situation, Put options should be called.

4. MACD Indicator (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)

As we already discussed this indicator in another article. We can skip this indicator. If you wanna read that article, please go to Guide to binary options strategy using MACD Indicator

5. Pivot Points Indicator


Pivot Point indicators are one of the most used indicator in Binary option trading.

How Pivot Points are Calculated?

Pivot points are calculated using the market trends for a specific duration of time. The calculation is done by taking the asset’s previous price levels.

Benefits of Pivot Point Calculators in Binary options trading?

Success in binary options trading totally depends upon the understanding the market trends, market behavior for future price levels. With the help of the Pivot points, you can guess the market trends, whether its bearish or bullish.

6. How to use the Heikin Ashi Indicator win binary options

Heikin Ashi Indicator

Following ways indicate the whether to use call/put options using Heikin Ashi Indicator

  • 1. Uptrend Signal: To find an uptrend check for Hollow candles without lower “shadows”. Hollow candles indicate the market’s uptrend, If its without lower shadows, then its confirmed uptrend in market behavior.
  • 2. Trend Change: Candle with a mix of both lower and upper shadows shows a market trend change.
  • 3. Down-trend Signal: To find downtrend, look for Filled candles. If you could find filled candle without higher shadows, then it indicates a strong downtrend.

7. How to Use Parabolic SAR indicator to win Binary Options:

We already wrote a guide to use parabolic SAR and MACD to win Binary Options.

Check out that article here: Guide to binary options strategy using MACD Indicator

8. RVI Indicator (Relative Vigor Index)

RVI Divergence indicator for binary options trading


Normally The RVI indicator used for technical analysis. This indicator measures the conviction of recent price action and likelihood in the future trend.

How to Use RVI Indicator Relative Vigor Index in Binary Options trading?

The RVI indicator value will increase when bullish trend increases. From this, you could find that if the indicator price climbs, current relative price will climb. Same as uptrend, if the indicator price goes down, the current relative price level will also decrease.

Call Option: Call options can be done when the RVI indicator crosses above the RVI signal line.

Put Option: Put option can be called when the RVI indicator crosses below the RVI signal line.

9. Bollinger Bands Indicators


How to use Bollinger Bands for Binary options trading:

Caution: Use this indicator only for a broad range of securities and guessing.

Use this indicator along with the other indicator to confirm the bullish or bearish situation.

All we need is knowing the price level movement, market behavior,etc. For which we are using tons of tools and indicators to confirm the market trends to decide whether it call or put option.

Bollinger bands are nothing the boundaries within that, price movement will be fluctuating. In all the time, price level stays within the boundary, it may be crossing the levels.  So using the Bollinger indicator you can’t take affirm decision in binary options. But with the other indicator, you will get a huge idea to trade.

10. CCI Indicator(Commodity Channel Index)

Commodity_channel_index_(CCI) binary options indicator

This Indicator is used to find whether the invested asset is overbought or oversold.

Call Option: When CCI crosses below the level of 100 and start moves upward.

Put Option: When CCI Crosses above the level of 100 and begin to move downward.

Thanks for your time..

How you are going to use these indicators and buy Lambo..?? Express your feelings in comments.!!

Sharing is caring as well..

Bonus Stock Trading Material:

traders tax mistakes

Are you an US trader? Did mistake in filing tax before?

If Yes, Please continue to read this post. Because you will come across the mistakes you have done before during tax filing session.

Everyone is committing mistakes and we have to learn from our mistakes. Right?

In this post, I’m going to show you some of the chilly mistakes done when filing their taxes.!!

What do you think about US Tax Code?

Great Seal of the United States.svg

If you are thinking about lower taxes for the wealthy people may affect our economy, you are absolutely wrong.

Studies shows that there is no relationship between lower taxes for the wealthy people and Economic growth of the country.

US tax code is a complex maze and consist of 73,954 pages long and includes more than 1,999 different publications and forms.US Tax Code is a Complex Maze for stock traders

 How to win this tax Game for your Trading Career?

If you want to win this tax game, you must have proper knowledge and basic understanding of about the US TAX codes. You can learn this easily from blogs, podcasts, ebooks, forums, etc. You can also just ask your friends, mentors about their tax filling.

US American tax book facts


Trader’s Mistake No. 1: Not Filing a Tax Return Due to Trading Losses or Minimal Trading

Are you having trading losses or Minimal Trading?

If your answer is YES, and you don’t file this activity in your tax return. Then you are under serious consequence of getting penalties.

IRS monitors everything about our trading activity. IRS will penalize you for not reporting your trading activity.

Solution for this Tax filling Mistake:

Start reporting every activity about your trading activity while filing your taxes.

trading losses minimal trading filling in tax session USA filling

 Trader’s Mistake No. 2: Reporting Gains and Losses on Schedule C Instead of Schedule D

Before explaining about this mistake, I will explain you about schedule C and Schedule D.

What is Schedule C in U.S. Federal Tax?

In US Federal Tax, Schedule C is one of the tax filed by most of the sole proprietors, single owner businesses, small business, etc. Usually Schedule C is used to report both income and losses.

What is Schedule D and How it should be used?

Here are the list of things can be filed on schedule D.

  • The sale or exchange of a capital asset and Gains from involuntary conversions.
  • Non-Business Bad debts.
  • Capital gain distributions.
  • Non-business bad debts

Most of the US Traders are claiming their losses on Schedule C.

But IRS Code states that all capital transactions must be reported to Schedule D and limiting the traders to claiming only $3000 of losses/year.

reporting gains and losses traders experience TAX FILLING

Traders Mistake No. 3: Paying Self-Employment(SE) Taxes On Trading

Most of you choose to trade through a business entity such as corporation, LLC, Partnership,etc.

What mistake you do here is you start reporting your trading income as ordinary income. Then you are paying the trading profits as self-employed tax to the IRS.

Listen carefully!! According to the IRS tax code, trading income is not at the earned income. If you are paying self-employment tax, then you are overpaying the tax to IRS.

paying self emplyment taxes on trading Tax filling

 Trader’s Mistake No. 4: Mixing Up the Tax treatment Between Securities, 1256 Contracts, Forex and Options.

Usually stocks, bonds and mutual funds belong were held more than 5.5years(avg) before 1990’s. But now these are held for only 6months(avg). If you are holding stocks, funds, etc for more than one year, you are taxed at long term capital gain rate.

Futures Contracts are entitles to a special Tax Treatment known as 60/40 split.

Forex can be taxed as earned income.

tax treatment between forex,options,funds Traders TAX FILLING

 Trader’s Mistake No.5: Using TurboTax to prepare your tax filing

What is TurboTax?

TurboTax is an American tax preparation software. This software package was developed by Michael A. Chipman.

Depending upon a software for complex tax returns is not good. You should try contacting an experienced firm for tax filing.

turbo tax for traders tax filling

Traders Mistake No. 6: Representing Yourself in Front of IRS

Contacted by IRS for an examination?

Start consulting a professional to know about the areas you can get a refund or reduce the deductions.

representing infront of IRS - trader tax filling

 Trader’s Mistake No. 7: Not Forming a Business Entity

forming business entity LLC - Trader tax filling

 Trader’s Mistake No. 8: Not Filing MTM Accounting Method:

If you want $3000 of your losses, then try to make the section 475MTM election on securities.

MTM Accounting Method - Trader mistake in tax filling

 Trader’s Mistake No.9: Not Claiming Trader Tax Status

Do you want $5000?

If you are a business trader, you can save $5000 easily using business expense treatment. Failing in claiming the status will cost you thousands of dollars

trader tax status claim - traders mistake in tax filling

 Trader’s Mistake 10: Failing to Have a Clear Tax Strategy

Every trader should have a clear knowledge about the tax filing, strategy, etc. You should seek experts, read finance blogs, forums, etc to know about the taxing strategies.

fail to have a clear tax strategy - traders mistakes in tax filling


This Infographics is originally published in TradingAcademy


 What is American Food Stamp Program or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP)?


American Food stamp Program is now called as SNAP( Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), it is initiated by US government to feed low or no-income people in the U.S. The SNAP program is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

These benefits were distributed by U.S. State’s division of Social Services of Family and Childern. Around $133.08/month was spent for an individual participant in Food Stamp Program (SNAP).

Food Stamp – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP) in Numbers:

No. of Americans Benefited: 47.6 million Americans

Amount Spent in 2013: $76.4 Billion ~ € 62.77 Billions

Recently its is announced from Michigan state analysis that it has more food STAMP recipients than public school students.

Real Facts about One Hundred American Dollars:

One hundred Dollar USD is the highest value bill in circulation in the United States of America. Around 4 out of 5 $100 bills, its found that there are Traces of cocaine. $100 bills are mostly used for cocaine snoring than anyother bills.

one hundred USD dollars

 Awesome Facts about Ten Thousand Dollars:

Using $10,000 USD you can buy a used car or go for an European Cruise vacation with your family. Also $10,000 USD is equal to 3 years of work for an average Indian.

ten thousand USD dollars american food stamps

 How about 1Million USD?

Its is equal to 6crore of INR. It is calculated that average indian must earn 300years to earn $1,000,000(USD). However there are million of people more than $60,000/Month in India than U.S.

one million dollars USD american food stamp nation

 What Is Food Stamp Cards – EBT Cards?

More than 47.6 million Americans are benefited by Food Stamp Program also known as SNAP. In-order to avoid the stigma of Food stamp benefits, the EBT Cards were created and its used by the Americans same as Credit Cards.

USD American food stamp cards EBT CARDS

 Remember Breadline of America’s THE GREAT DEPRESSION of 1930’s ??

Important fact about the Great Depression Day is that People stood in the line for about 1/4 miles, which is 458 People standing in the line to get their food at a soup kitchen.

But Today, U.S. Govt brought by the technology “EBT Cards” same as credit cards for Food Stamp Program. These cards can be used by the People at the local retailers to get their foods. Usually EBT Cards will have certain amount($) allotted by the Govt.

More than 4000Walmart Super center are operating to provide food for Food Stamp program ( SNAP ).

BreadLine USD american food stamp participants

 Check Out the Line during 1930’s “The Great Depression day”

american bread line at 1930 great depression infographics

Facts about the Stamp Program(SNAP)

  • Around 47% of Food Stamp (SNAP) Participants are Childern
  • 78.6 are in metropolitan areas.
  • Only 4% of Stamp Program Participants are self employed
  • 93.2% of People belongs to US citizens.

America's modern breadline USD food stamp Walmart

 Stunning Facts about one-hundred Million Dollars

With this Money, You can start really huge Bank in India. ;)

100million dollar USD american food stamp infographics

 I Can’t imagine about $100Millions USD

100million dollar USD=3500 average american one year salary

What is One-Billion Dollars?

Can’t Imagine billion dollars?.

Recently UBER raised billions of dollars to get prepared IPO. With the Billion dollar you will become one of the most influential people in the country.

1billion dollars USD american life style

 Facts about $1Billion American Dollars

If you have cash of Billion dollar of $100bills, you definitely need a track to carry them.

2billion dollars USD fits in truck at $100bills


This Infographics were originally appeared on Demonocracy. Featured Image Credits goes to Memespp

warren buffet stocks trading strategies

Do you know the Reason Why I wrote this article?


After getting tired and frustrated by searching “Trading Strategies” “Strategies for Trading stocks” “Stock trading for beginners” in Google, I came up with this idea to sum up all of the trading strategies at one place, so that my fellow traders and beginners like you will get benefited by the huge list of trading strategies in the Stock Market.

Do you want to become a talented and successful trader?

mohammed islam successful stock trader and strategist

Mohammed Islam, a 17 year old high school student and stock trader, he is worth more than 72Millions.

Yeah,,Boy.. Everybody wants to become a successful trader, but without knowing the strategies, steps, action plan, how will you become a successful trader?. One of my best friends used to suggest me to stay out of stock trading saying that I will come to street from losing all the money…

Why did he say that?

Because he lost all the money by trading without knowing all the strategies… I’m saying that he is a fool.. He started trading stocks, forex, binary options, etc. by reading some of the success stories written in CNN, Market Watch, etc. He used to search “how to become a millionaire by trading stocks, forex,and so on” on Google. Instead of searching for strategies, he spends most of his time in reading some successful event.

I don’t want you to fail in trading like my friend.. Yes. Of course. You need motivation stories to keep your hope of trading success.

Why can’t you just create your own success stories and own trading empire?

Here is the list of Strategies and must-do’s for trading stocks both online and Offline.

Do you want this whole list of strategies in a PDF?


Choose your Stock-Broker carefully and wisely

What I Really Do - Stock Broker-strategies

Choosing regular brokers is a key here, however the brokers can be divided into two categories. They are full-service brokers and discount brokers. For younger investors and beginners, discount brokers will be your best call, but Some people would suggest that the full-service brokers will be best fit for beginners. My suggestion is to go with discount brokers.

4 Things to have in your mind while choosing the best stock-broker.

  • Minimums
  • Margin
  • Withdrawal
  • Complicated Fee Structures
  • Supply and Demand Strategy

Generally, whenever there is a lot of supplies, prices will go down to beat the competitors, same applies to demand, whenever there is a lot of demand i.e more buyers are ready to buy. Price will go up. Use this point as indicators and decide accordingly.

Set price targets before you start trading

Are you buying the stocks for long-term? If you do, calculate the stop-loss level if you proceed further. Because the trade may turn against your instinct and calculation. Using this decision, your loss won’t affect you much than unexpected loss. If you find no loss, then go to the bar, have a beer.

Secret of Patience in Trading

patience stock trading strategies wwhite egret

It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience. -Julius Caesar

If you ask the successful trader, “Do you trade daily?”. The answer will be BIG ‘NO’. They may be at the computer, watching the market news, signals, etc. But if they feel that there is no right opportunity to trade, they will wait until the right time and criteria meets.

Using the Sentiment as Strategy

Love What you do is the one of powerful statement preached by all the great leaders. Whatever you trade, whether its binary options, Call/Pull, short-term interest, commodity trading, etc, just use your emotion and listen to your instinct, you will get the right direction.

Disciplined–What it has to do with Trading strategies?

Being disciplined will help you to keep calm and meet both success and failure. This will eliminate the greed, which will induce us to trade more once win a huge trade. Disciplined behavior will help us to learn the things so quickly and helps us in executing the strategies.

Share Allocation Strategy

share allocation trading strategies

Share allocation is one of the basic strategy that every investor and stock trader should follow. For Eg: Buying tech company stocks for $1000 worth about $30/Share. Consider the broker’s commission also in your mind and calculate the least value of the stock selling price.

Do not be panic about Losses and Market conditions


As you know that stock market is one of the riskiest investment networks. Sure, there will be ups and down. Why worry about that the future fall and losing the present trade? Concentrate and trade well. Why do we fall? Just to learn from our failures. The more we fail, more we gain knowledge about stock trading. This strategy will come to naturally by gaining experience.

Beware of stock market scams

avoiding stock market scammers strategies

As Stock Market is money related business, many spammers try to exploit this opportunity to scam the people by shouting unreal or unimaginable things like 50% market return. More they try to sell us, more the problem involved with those kind of business. Beware of those scams and try to go with legitimate brokers and stocks, you can research on the internet to learn more about the brokers review and more.

When To Sell the Stocks?

sell the stock strategy

If you want to know when is the right time to sell the stocks, then you must update to date with News channel, news sites, blogs, market signal providers, etc. If you find a large volume on down swing, then you have to sell the stocks immediately.

Buy & Hold Strategy

This strategy is stressless and most powerful strategy used by all successful traders. May be we can say this strategy as Early Adopter’s strategy. For example: Take Microsoft, if you invested in it IPO in 1986 and hold that investment, now you will be a millionaire, but its 20years to turn $10,000 to 4-5Million USD.

Index/Pattern Recognition

You have to be completely thorough with Indexes and pattern recognition. Using these you can find whether the stocks go up or down. For eg: If commodity products go up, where would the stocks move? You have to be capable of predicting the stock’s value depending upon the pattern.

Breakout Trading strategy

breakout strategy 3triangle patterns stock trading

A breakout strategy is an amazing trading strategy used by most of the successful stock traders. This strategy was implemented in Forex trading, commodities trading, options trading and more. This strategy involves the process of studying the technical analysis for stock breakout based on two elements such as support or resistance.
Richard Koza explained very well with excellent illustration in his website. Take a look at his post.

This includes three setup strategies.

  • Breakout Setup #1 – MORPHEUS COMBO
  • Breakout Setup #2 – RELATIVE STRENGTH
  • Breakout Setup #3 – BLAST OFF

These 3 breakout setups were well explained by Morpheous trading Group.

Buy Stocks of the companies with a low Price- earnings ratio

There are tons of Companies out there with a low price-earnings ratio (P/E) make more profit percentage for each and every penny dollar you invest. But the companies with High price-earnings ratio won’t give more profit compared to the above. But there are some exception for this strategy too. The more the companies High P/E stocks, market expects more profit, if it lags then it will face a huge slap from stock market.

Harvey_Norman-low P-E ratio buy stocks

The beautiful examples of low P/E ratio stocks are QBE Insurance Limited (ASX: QBE), Washington H. Soul Pattinson & Co Ltd (ASX: SOL), Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd (ASX: HVN), United Overseas Australia Ltd (ASX: UOS), BHP Billiton Limited (ASX: BHP), Collins Foods Limited (ASX: CKF) and Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd (ASX: AGI). This list was provided by NineMsn

Strategy of Buying Stocks that pay big dividends

retracement charts stock trading strategies

This strategy was framed to get the maximum returns. The idea of buying stocks that pay high dividends is one of the best ways to get more returns. The study shows that the big dividend players helped the UK market to flourish in 1989. Image Source:

Buy stocks companies priced below book value

Always traders and Investors fighting harder and struggling to determine which company is worthier than its booked value. This can be easily calculated by seeing the net asset reports.

The Strategy of buying Small caps rather than buying blue chip brands

This can be illustrated using Silicon Valley start-ups. Investors invest $100,000-$1MM USD in a start-ups which is then leads to billion dollar exit or IPO. The best examples are UBER, Facebook, Twitter and much more.

Retracements Trading Strategy

Retracements strategy requires a trader to have a unique type of skill sets, which involve the trader have to identify a perfect direction where the price is moving on, and a trader has to much more confident in his decision. Then the price will move in an expected direction, every trader will attempt to buy the stocks or sell the stocks depending the direction of price, using these pullbacks or retracements, successful traders will gain a huge profit.

Pullback trading strategy

pull back online stock market trading strategies

The Pullback trading trading strategy is mostly used in day-trading, it is used when the traders exited and settling for new low-risk stocks. When the traders were buying the low-risk stocks, Pullback strategy is implemented. See the example below. To know more about this strategy have a look at WallStreet Trading site.

Reversals trading strategy

How to use Reversal trading strategy? This strategy is completely based upon the technical analysis and indicators, this will be based upon the traders’ fundamental activities. When you find the markets tend to move in a particular direction, there will be a bounce back when it hits from the target price. These bounces have to used quickly to make good profit. This works well on low volume markets.

Momentum Trading Strategy

This type of trading strategies is fundamentally based upon the technical indicators such as MA(moving Average Indicators, Universal Oscillators, etc.
Position trading

What is Position Trading?


From the name itself we can understand the strategy, Position trading is very simple strategy and it involves momentum style of trading and eliminates the market entry importance. Here patience is more important, as trader has to wait for the right time and explore the opportunity by taking action when the price moves. Only difference between the momentum style and Position trading strategy is “market entry”.

Trending Value: Exceptional long-term performance Strategy

This strategy is working for more than 50years. MarketWatch explained this strategy much more detailed. This strategy involves the best practices like time-based investment, and continuing the winning strategies over a long time and earning a huge return. This is same like buy and hold strategy, and it uses the composite value factor. Many books and author mentioned this strategy as a winning strategy.

Factor can be calculated using

  • Price-to-Sales
  • Price-to-Earnings
  • Price-to-Book
  • Price-to-Cash Flow
  • EBITDA/Enterprise Value
  • Shareholder yield (dividend yield + rate of share repurchases)

Trend Reversal Trading Setup

This strategy completely depends upon the trend. If the trend reservesA trend either continues or reverses. Similar to a continuation trade, we must have an existing trend before looking for a reversal trade setup. However, instead of entering with the trend, we are looking for a reversal.

Mistimed asset allocation

This type of trading strategy was highly used by the American Association of Individual Investors. Survey result that members of the association were asked about their allocation. From the survey its found that the highest weight was given to Cash and lower weight given to Equity.

Short The Bounce Setup Strategy

Do you experience in Short the Bounce Set-up Strategy?

Lets see what is that,.. In flat or Down-trending stock market, everyone will be involved in selling the stocks and ETFs, after the breakdown of the market, we could face a huge support and bounce back to resistant market position. This strategy can be reversed in Up-trending Markets.

Market timing Strategy

Believe it or not, 80-85% of stocks following the direction of the market fluctuation and swing trade entries will also be in synchronization with the stock market timing model. This strategy can be combined with Short the Bounce set-up to avoid the losses in down-trending markets.

Clearly Defined Exit Strategy

If you are successful in buying and selling stocks at the right time, then you are not the successful trader. Buying and selling stocks at the right time is only part of the successful trader life.

We should have an exit strategy, for example: double our capital or reward-risk ratio at 3 to 1. Even if we fail to achieve our goal, we can employ firm risk control.

No black box trading strategy

Black-Box Trading is not at all a strategy, its nothing but computer programs which helps the traders and investors by auto-trading. They function themselves using the algorithm to buy the share when the key level of the index is higher and sell it when the key level is down trending. Buyer beware of these trading strategies and tools.

Monitoring The Fluctuations Strategy

If a trader buys huge volume of shares, there will be a positive fluctuation and changes in the value of the stock. This will provide you a short term profit, if you could sell them at the right moment. Tip: Many studies and survey shows that using long-term strategy will be more helpful and less-riskier return.

Avoiding The Hype

Popularity of penny stocks created a buzz all over the trader’s world. Initially this was highly useful for the traders, as they had huge return and less-riskier one. This was exploited by companies by selling the penny stocks to inexperienced investors in large scale, with a price higher than its actual one. The best practice is to do good research about the company, value, asset calculation, etc and decide about the investment.

Analyzing Volume strategy

When it’s comes to penny stocks trading, always go with huge volume of shares. Take this as thumb rule and have it in mind about avoiding the hype strategy too.

The Benefits Of Volatility

One of the amazing facts about the Penny stock trading is that, company penny stocks are more valuable than stocks and companies may be acquired by big fat blue chip companies. These benefits will give you a great return.

Technical indicators

Please have a look at our technical indicators page and charts.

Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading involves following strategies.

Algorithmic Trading Strategy- Identify New Opportunities and Double-Check Your Analysis

Before buying or selling stocks you will do own analysis and study the indicators right? Wait a minute, Double check your analysis, whether it’s perfect or not with market opportunities.

Algorithmic Trading Strategy – General Tactical Approach

This is one of basic strategy that every trader must use this, Before taking any decision try use the forecast to predict the market swing. This approach will give you an idea whether to buy or sell.

Algorithmic Trading Strategy -Buy All Assets In The Forecast Of Equal Weights

This approach is one of the important most strategy, which involves buying all the asset in equal weights. This will help you to avoid huge risk. If one asset price goes down, there is a probability of another asset price going up. This strategy will give you an augmenting return.

Algorithmic Trading Strategy -Strategy of Buying stocks with Predictability Indicator Of 55% Or Higher

Iknowfirst gave great explanation about this strategy. Strategy is dependent fully on predictability Indicator, if the indicator shows 55% and above, buy the stocks.

Algorithmic Trading Strategy of Buying Stocks – Strong Signal In Each Time Horizon

If the same asset repeating itself in the 1-month, 3 months and 1-yr horizons, then it is a positive signal to buy the stock. Now just check the signal and predictability indicators to confirm positive signal.

Algorithmic Trading Strategy of Multiplying the Signal And The Predictability Indicator Together

If you are good at math, make your own indicator b multiplying the signal and predictability indicator. If the numbers are big, you will get a great sign to buying the stock.

Summary and final thoughts:

Now I have listed out most of the best practices and strategies followed by successful stock trader. I hope you might have benefited from this list. If anything is missing in the list here, please let me know through comments. I will add that strategy to this list.