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technical analysis of meme eur

From Today will offer daily Forex technical analysis for every currencies and commodities.

Present situation of the EURO is illustrated in the following:

EURO Suicide

Analysis of Currencies and Commodities:

Date: 20th Jan, 2015

List of Currency analysed:


FX Technical analysis of EUR VS USD:

eur usd technical analysis forex

Have a deep look at the chart above, Euro seems goes downwards from the start of the day. However initial downward movement is very fast, it becomes stabilize in the middle. It flattens at the level of 1.2500 to 1.2400. This stabilization saves Euro to avoid reaching the lowest position.

Then the downward movement takes acceleration to reach the level of 1.1590. If the stabilization doesn’t takes place, Euro may reach less than 1.1000. This downward movement of EURO is due to the pressure of ECB’s quantative easing program.

As ECB is going to announce the Outright Quantative Easing Program, investors expects a deflations in EURO.

Technical Analysis of GBP VS USD

gbp_usd_great britian pound united states dollar

Look at the Chart above, Our team thought that, GBP will have a descending movement and reach the lowest level of 1.5040.

But our instinct failed and GBP had ascending movement, which is good for investors who play with GBP. It reached the level of 1.5073. Following  graph shows the current movement of GBP. It gains a huge ascending movement and reached the same level of 1.5168.

gbp usd (growth) great britian pound united states dollar


Technical Analysis of USD VS CHF

USD VS CHF technical analysis


Using bloomberg chart, we are analysing that USD starts with a steady level of 0.8798 at the morning.

After 5am in the early morning, USD starts moving downwards and reached lowest level of 0.8700. Our expectation is that, soon USD will have upward movement and reach the level that started today.

Technical Analysis of USD VS JPY

USD VS JPY technical analysis


Today USD got great ascending wave and grow exponentially with few downward movement. But that downward movement is too lengthy. USD started with the lowest level of 117.20 and its now reached the level of 118.69. Its expected that it’ll move upward today.

Technical analysis of AUD VS USD

AUD VS USD technical analysis

See the chart above, you will notice the huge fluctuation in AUD level.

Today AUD started at the level of 0.8220 and saw some downward movement in the beginning. But it got slight ascending movement to reach the level it started.

Then AUD got huge downward wave to reach the level of lowest 0.8160, however it didn’t lost for long interval. It reached the same level of 0.8210 by getting good upward swing. We expect that AUD will reach 0.8190.

Technical analysis of USD VS RUB

usd_rub_technical analysis jan 20 2015


As you can see in the above chart, Ruble consistently move steadily in the linear flow. We thoughts it will reach the level of 44.00, but we hope that it will have some upward movement.




Today(9th Jan, 2015) the U.K pound rose against American dollar(USD) after struggling 18months of being lowered.!!

This was because of the release of data released by U.K. office for National Statistics.

Report of U.K. office for National Statistics

UK Office for national statistics

They said that their manufacturing production beat the expectation of 0.3% gain by achieving 0.7% gain. This is really an awesome report for investors.

On the other hand, U.K. industrial production failed to achieve the excepted gain of 0.2%, however they could achieve 0.1% in November. When comparing this to October data, its much better.

USD stand steadily with the help of Jobless Labor report

Thrusday Department of labour announced that the jobless claims just near the expected value of 290,000. This boosted the support of USD over GBP. This also increased the expectations among the people for the government’s nonfarm payrolls readings.

Also for your information, Sterling was also stand much higher against the euro, with EUR/GBP edging down 0.17% to 0.7803.

Markit and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply Report:

The report from Markit and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply announced their construction PMI(Purchasing Managers Index) highly reduced in Novemeber. Also the analyst expected to fall in December to 58.5.

FYI: Purchasing Managers Index(PMI)

Purchasing Managers Index(PMI) is an indicator used measuring the economic health of the manufacturing sector. The PMI index is calculated based on five major indicators:

They are

  • New orders
  • Inventory level
  • Production
  • Supplier deliveries
  • Employment environment.

The pound remained under pressure after data on Tuesday showed that the Markit/CIPS Services Purchasing Managers Index decreased to 55.8 last month from a reading of 58.6 in November. Analysts had expected the index to dip to 58.5 in December.

The report came a day after Markit and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply said that their U.K. construction PMI declined to a 17-month low of 57.6 last month.

Single Currency Pressure:

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said that the mandate of price stability is higher not fullfilling and its not like six months ago. This statement leads to selling pressure of single currencies.

Do you have any thoughts about GBP VS USD?

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News about Brent crude oil US crude oil rate increase

Morning Everyone,

Happy Friday.. Today Brent Crude Oil and US Crude came-up with good news for you.

brent crude pil price is getting low

After falling price for 6 months, now Brent Crude Oil and US Crude back into the game by saying “I’m Back”

Brent crude oil and US Crude Rate rates

Today Brent crude oil rose above $60/barrel. This saved many investors and Oil traders re-covering from near a five&half year risks..

Wood Mackenzie said that

At this rate of $60/barrel(Brent Crude oil), There are only three companies were able get good and free cash flow to meet their expenses,  .

on Friday, recovering from near a 5-1/2-year low as investors squared books ahead of the year-end festive break after six months of falling prices. FYI: Both of the Brent crude oil and US crude valued half rate during June 2014, after that huge decline, its came back to the game. Few of them would predicted this using indicators.  U.S. crude value was up $1.20 sold at the rate of $55.31 –  Sources says.

Bloomberg Report about Oil CashFlow

Also Bloomberg compiled a data and gave a detailed report about the cash flow  of traded products which belongs to oil commodity. In this report, its is shown that, US Oil Fund and ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil, received an amount of about $702.2 Million USD, November they received a cash of $559,85 Million USD. Totally, it said that funds received by them from May 2010 equates $1.54 Billion in USD.

The chief investment officer of United States Commodity Futures Funds, Mr. John Hyland said that

 “You want prices lower if you’re buying,”

$75 is the right price for oil – OilVoices

Andrew McKillop, AMK Consultant said in OilVoice,  that huge number of experts and investors love to agree that $75/ Barrel is a reasonable price and sustainable price.

Uber-IPO-$40billion valaution taxi competitors hedge fund

Small Intro about Uber-App

What is Uber-App? Its a Mobile App start-up..But not now ;)  focused on car transportation services.  Its based on San Francisco based Tech-Start-Up.  Uber $40billion valuation per IPOWith the Vision, “A world with less pollution and no traffic jams, where taxis are cheap and safe and you never have to wait for a pickup” Uber raised more than $3.3 Billion in 8 Rounds from 37 Investors.

Well Known Investors Participated in Uber Fund Raising Include:

According to Crunchbase and other sources, well known investors include Baidu, Google Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Lone Pine Capital, Menlo Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Venture Capital Firm, Summit Partners, BlackRock, Global investment management, Wellington Management, Fidelity Investments, Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp,  Benchmark, Lowercase Capital, First Round, Valiant Capital Partners, Qatar Investment Authority, etc. are invested in UBER of about $3.3billion with the current valuation of 40Billion USD

$1.8Billion fund raising with the help of Goldman Sachs and more…

Uber-IPO-$40billion valuation

Last Funding raisings of about $1.2Billion and another $600Million from Baidu. They are supported heavily by other firms like  Goldman Sachs helping UBER to raise more money via convertible bond offering.

uber burning lyft grab taxi competitors

With this funding, UBER will fight the competitors like GrabTaxi, GetTaxi, lyft and others.

Meanwhile, everyone was thinking the valuation of $40billion was amazing for mobile tech start-up. But media sources says that presence of investors like Hedge fund was pressurizing the UBER to go IPO with an inflated valuation but actually real valuation won’t be the $40Billion.

Is it worth for $40billion Valuation?? Market Watch Answers.!!

In a recent post at MarketWatch “Some will far exceed their valuation, some will not necessarily live up to their private market valuation,” said Anand Sanwal, president of CB Insights.

Uber have also faced huge legal conflict on Indian Market(one of the world’s largest market) as taxi driver raped a woman.

What will happen to UBER IPO dream?

facebook ipo failure vs UBER IPO failure

Every investors in UBER app have dream of $100billion IPO, they are working much harder to bringing the dream into reality. But whatever the valuation may be, real valuation will be found out by the people themselves. Few years before, Facebook was also valued more than the real value of its own potential. But what happened next was known by everyone. Please let us know your opinion in comments, if your comments are valued much than UBER IPO, we will add your comments in this post.


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indicators binary trading-tendency

This Method involves the help of a monitoring tool usually its provided by the Online trading brokers or signal providers to give us Indicators of traders tendency. Also all the traders tendency won’t be true always.

Trader’s tendency indicators will show the % of traders choosing either “Call” or “Put”. Best example is shown in the picture below.

traders tendency indicators


Types of Trends indicators to win the trades.

  1. Trend Following Indicators
  2. Indicators to Confirm Trends
  3. Overbought and Oversold Indicators

Illustration for Trend Following Indicators and what should you do if you find on?

Trading-Indicators-using-the-Moving average-trend-options


In this category, popular indicators is the moving Average. You can use these indicator(Moving Average) to estimate another crossover between two moving averages.

What should you do should with this indicator?

Put Options: If you see Moving Average crossover follow an uptrend, go for Put options.

Call Options: If you see a bullish trend, go for Call Options.

Indicators to Confirm Trends

Binary-Options-Trading-Using-the-MACD-trends-indicatorsThis category has Powerful and most accurate tool, which is used measure the difference between two moving averages. Then the difference is plotted against a histogram to predict a forecast pricing direction for the traders. This Indicator is called as MACD(Moving Average Convergence Divergence)

What should you should do with this indicator?

If you see a BUY signal in the Moving Average Convergence Divergence, at the same moment if you see a bullish Moving Average crossover, CALL options should be used.

Overbought and Oversold Indicators

RSI-Trading-Indicator-binary options

In this category, Tool used is named as Relative Strength Index (RSI).

Consider a situation when an asset prices goes high and become too expensive to buy, people tendency will be not to buy that asset and sell immediately to gain the money invested in it. This kind of situation is OverBought Condition and PUT options have to be called.

Similarly, you can understand the situation for CALL options(OverSold).

Greece’s stock market just suffered its worst collapse ever

Today, Greece Stock Market faced huge flop in the history ever again. Greece’s Athex Composite GD, -2.29% which constitute almost 13% drop today(Tuesday). According to FactSet, This stock drop is one of the biggest collapse for the index on the history of Greece market record. .

In Oct 24th, 2010 Greece saw a great stock drop of about 9.7%  but the incident shows that Greece investors and traders are certainly having bad day there. Previous collapse was due to Greece Dept.  Another drop Greek markets met in 1989 due to the political trumoil.

Image credit:MarketWatch

Chinese economy deflation

Hey guys, are you interested in investing Chinese economy?

Then this article is exactly for you.

Today Fxstreet stated that

“The FTSE is expected to open 15 points higher, the CAC 22 points higher and the DAX 51 points higher.”

Unfortunately, their prediction is not upto the mark to help the investors and traders. While Business Insider got the perfect evidence that Chinese economy is headed towards the deflation. Recent studies from Harvey, shows the same. Please have a look at the analysis indicator below.

haver analysis about chinese impots

Today The Shanghai Composite dropped 5.4% to 2,856.27, this show that the stock bubble which happened recently was bursting to cause the chinese economy to drop. In the event of Alibaba IPO the retail-dominated market i.e Ecommerce, fashion,etc is pushing the stocks not to go low. However this industry shows good improvement of about 35% this year(2014). As The Chinese economy have a huge savings rate and investment policies, this economy deflation won’t cause major loss to their funds.