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technical analysis of meme eur

From Today will offer daily Forex technical analysis for every currencies and commodities.

Present situation of the EURO is illustrated in the following:

EURO Suicide

Analysis of Currencies and Commodities:

Date: 20th Jan, 2015

List of Currency analysed:


FX Technical analysis of EUR VS USD:

eur usd technical analysis forex

Have a deep look at the chart above, Euro seems goes downwards from the start of the day. However initial downward movement is very fast, it becomes stabilize in the middle. It flattens at the level of 1.2500 to 1.2400. This stabilization saves Euro to avoid reaching the lowest position.

Then the downward movement takes acceleration to reach the level of 1.1590. If the stabilization doesn’t takes place, Euro may reach less than 1.1000. This downward movement of EURO is due to the pressure of ECB’s quantative easing program.

As ECB is going to announce the Outright Quantative Easing Program, investors expects a deflations in EURO.

Technical Analysis of GBP VS USD

gbp_usd_great britian pound united states dollar

Look at the Chart above, Our team thought that, GBP will have a descending movement and reach the lowest level of 1.5040.

But our instinct failed and GBP had ascending movement, which is good for investors who play with GBP. It reached the level of 1.5073. Following  graph shows the current movement of GBP. It gains a huge ascending movement and reached the same level of 1.5168.

gbp usd (growth) great britian pound united states dollar


Technical Analysis of USD VS CHF

USD VS CHF technical analysis


Using bloomberg chart, we are analysing that USD starts with a steady level of 0.8798 at the morning.

After 5am in the early morning, USD starts moving downwards and reached lowest level of 0.8700. Our expectation is that, soon USD will have upward movement and reach the level that started today.

Technical Analysis of USD VS JPY

USD VS JPY technical analysis


Today USD got great ascending wave and grow exponentially with few downward movement. But that downward movement is too lengthy. USD started with the lowest level of 117.20 and its now reached the level of 118.69. Its expected that it’ll move upward today.

Technical analysis of AUD VS USD

AUD VS USD technical analysis

See the chart above, you will notice the huge fluctuation in AUD level.

Today AUD started at the level of 0.8220 and saw some downward movement in the beginning. But it got slight ascending movement to reach the level it started.

Then AUD got huge downward wave to reach the level of lowest 0.8160, however it didn’t lost for long interval. It reached the same level of 0.8210 by getting good upward swing. We expect that AUD will reach 0.8190.

Technical analysis of USD VS RUB

usd_rub_technical analysis jan 20 2015


As you can see in the above chart, Ruble consistently move steadily in the linear flow. We thoughts it will reach the level of 44.00, but we hope that it will have some upward movement.

Greece’s stock market just suffered its worst collapse ever

Today, Greece Stock Market faced huge flop in the history ever again. Greece’s Athex Composite GD, -2.29% which constitute almost 13% drop today(Tuesday). According to FactSet, This stock drop is one of the biggest collapse for the index on the history of Greece market record. .

In Oct 24th, 2010 Greece saw a great stock drop of about 9.7%  but the incident shows that Greece investors and traders are certainly having bad day there. Previous collapse was due to Greece Dept.  Another drop Greek markets met in 1989 due to the political trumoil.

Image credit:MarketWatch

Chinese economy deflation

Hey guys, are you interested in investing Chinese economy?

Then this article is exactly for you.

Today Fxstreet stated that

“The FTSE is expected to open 15 points higher, the CAC 22 points higher and the DAX 51 points higher.”

Unfortunately, their prediction is not upto the mark to help the investors and traders. While Business Insider got the perfect evidence that Chinese economy is headed towards the deflation. Recent studies from Harvey, shows the same. Please have a look at the analysis indicator below.

haver analysis about chinese impots

Today The Shanghai Composite dropped 5.4% to 2,856.27, this show that the stock bubble which happened recently was bursting to cause the chinese economy to drop. In the event of Alibaba IPO the retail-dominated market i.e Ecommerce, fashion,etc is pushing the stocks not to go low. However this industry shows good improvement of about 35% this year(2014). As The Chinese economy have a huge savings rate and investment policies, this economy deflation won’t cause major loss to their funds.