Uber-IPO-$40billion valaution taxi competitors hedge fund

Small Intro about Uber-App

What is Uber-App? Its a Mobile App start-up..But not now ;)  focused on car transportation services.  Its based on San Francisco based Tech-Start-Up.  Uber $40billion valuation per IPOWith the Vision, “A world with less pollution and no traffic jams, where taxis are cheap and safe and you never have to wait for a pickup” Uber raised more than $3.3 Billion in 8 Rounds from 37 Investors.

Well Known Investors Participated in Uber Fund Raising Include:

According to Crunchbase and other sources, well known investors include Baidu, Google Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Lone Pine Capital, Menlo Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Venture Capital Firm, Summit Partners, BlackRock, Global investment management, Wellington Management, Fidelity Investments, Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp,  Benchmark, Lowercase Capital, First Round, Valiant Capital Partners, Qatar Investment Authority, etc. are invested in UBER of about $3.3billion with the current valuation of 40Billion USD

$1.8Billion fund raising with the help of Goldman Sachs and more…

Uber-IPO-$40billion valuation

Last Funding raisings of about $1.2Billion and another $600Million from Baidu. They are supported heavily by other firms like  Goldman Sachs helping UBER to raise more money via convertible bond offering.

uber burning lyft grab taxi competitors

With this funding, UBER will fight the competitors like GrabTaxi, GetTaxi, lyft and others.

Meanwhile, everyone was thinking the valuation of $40billion was amazing for mobile tech start-up. But media sources says that presence of investors like Hedge fund was pressurizing the UBER to go IPO with an inflated valuation but actually real valuation won’t be the $40Billion.

Is it worth for $40billion Valuation?? Market Watch Answers.!!

In a recent post at MarketWatch “Some will far exceed their valuation, some will not necessarily live up to their private market valuation,” said Anand Sanwal, president of CB Insights.

Uber have also faced huge legal conflict on Indian Market(one of the world’s largest market) as taxi driver raped a woman.

What will happen to UBER IPO dream?

facebook ipo failure vs UBER IPO failure

Every investors in UBER app have dream of $100billion IPO, they are working much harder to bringing the dream into reality. But whatever the valuation may be, real valuation will be found out by the people themselves. Few years before, Facebook was also valued more than the real value of its own potential. But what happened next was known by everyone. Please let us know your opinion in comments, if your comments are valued much than UBER IPO, we will add your comments in this post.


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