Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Aggressive trading strategy in binary options

Is Aggressive Trading Strategy is Riskier?

I hope now you are ready to take risk, as you already earned a lot using both of the strategies give above. Are you already to take risk and gain much more reward??

Agressive trading strategy on binary trading

Number of Cycles=9

Things to do in Aggressive trading strategy

Setup the Zig-Zag parameters to 2,1,1.

Now you will see 41+ short term cycles in the following plot.


Applying Fibonacci Sequence

Fibinocci sequence applied to all the short term cycles which gives the following plot with a high-low-retracement-projection-reverse. Now take a look at this.


I’ll keep it much more simple now.

Look at the image above. Fibonacci is drawn between 1 and 2, we have the levels and retracement is marked by 3. We do have 90%probability in next candle. General rules to follow are given below:

  • Draw the Fibonacci between two points(Short cycles) i.e this will represent the last high and low in the value charts plot.
  • Once again when you have found the next high and low levels, you will have to wait for the retracement, which can either be a full candle or a wick. Now just above the retracement area, you will get white box with green candle. Right?
  • At this moment, everything You setup will be ready. If a red candle begin follow the retracement candle in the trend’s direction, open your EYES and stay focussed. This is the perfect time when you need to focus most.
  • The first exact and specific breakout candle of this present sequence would occur right after the net red candle would close exactly below the retracement candle. Anyway, at this point you will not touch level 6 of value chart neither you will go to the inner band of the regression channel. Therefore before the close of retracement candle you will need to enter out 10 seconds immediately as the next candle would have a 90% probability.
  • At the Next candle, you will have enter put 10 seconds when the next candle would close below the Fibonacci projection level of 100 but it will stays below 127 for sure.
  • The last bearish candle would happen when the Fibonacci level reaches 161.8 and the value chart is at -8. This is the right time for you to place a call.

Image Src:www.forexstreet.com