Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Market Crash?

Why are you worrying about that?

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Here are the Seven Rules every trader must have in mind, whenever the market goes Crazy.

Have You experienced the market crash and lost all of your money before??

If yes, this article is one of the must read posts.!! Go ahead and learn the rules that you have to do when market crash or you don’t understand how the market moves.

Rule No.1 : USE Stops to avoid huge loss and you will have control when market crash

The market Crash is not permanent and This Stop is also not Permanent, just to know what is gonna happen. You will achieve everything in the Long Run.

first rules and tips to follow when the market crash
Stop what are you doing

Rule No. 2: Getting Paid for waiting even when the market conditions are bad

Want to make money for waiting? If Yes, You can also earn money even when the market conditions are too bad..

second rule is to wait for the good market conditions
Wait for the right time to trade

Rule No. 3: Always use trading Tools, Indicators, Signals, etc. Not only at the time of Market Crash, ALWAYS>><<ALWAYS

The list of free trading tools, charts, signals providers are available out there. Try to choose the best one after reading the reviews. This will help you up-to date.

third rules is to use the tools and indicators when the market crash
Tools, Indicators, signals, Charts

Rule No. 4: Stick to your plan, don’t hear other words about Market conditions and fall in their trap

All are ready to give advice, specially when the market crash, everyone will express their opinions. But you must be aware the people from whom you are taking advice. Always talk with the experts, instead of asking neighbor buddy and your buddy may mislead you about the market crash.

fourth rules to stick to the plan when market cash
Stick to the awesome plan

Rule No. 5: Look at the Big Picture, and Long term revenue using the charts and tools

Always use trends and trading chart is the fifth rules for market crash
Trends, Trends, Trends

Rule No. 6: Most Important Rule. “Risk Management”

when market crash, sixth rules is the one to use risk management factors
Risk Management

Rule No. 7: Last But not least, Always open your eyes and ears.!! Stay Focused on market conditions!!

seventh rules is to stay focused when market crash
Focus is the key Point

Special Thanks to Trading Academy for sharing this useful and amazing rules to remember when the market crash or goes crazy.

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Share your thoughts about the rules to follow when the market crashes, we will add those rules in this post.