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regulatory allegations of failings

paul nash rbs forex manipulation

Who is Paul Nash?

Paul Nash is one of the currency trader of Royal Bank of Scotland. Paul Nash was arrested for manipulating the Forex market. Sources like Reuters and says this.

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Paul Nash was initially arrested for the same reason in 2013, at that time Paul Nash emigrated to Canada.

Royal Bank of Scotland(RBS)

Istanbul_RBS_Head_Office-forex manipulation

Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the world’s largest banking group. RBS together combined with NatWest and Ulster Bank provides banking programs throughtout the UK, Ireland, India, US and more.

Forex Market Manipulation:

Forex Market is one of the biggest and trending Global financial market. Its operating at the value of 5.3Trillion USD/Day, but still there individual trader manipulating this market.

This issue points out the failed allegations and unregulated Forex market.

List of banks to settle British and U.S. regulatory allegations of failings

Below are the list of banks settled the failed allegations

  • HSBC Holdings
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • Citigroup
  • UBS
  • Bank of America Corp.

In the above case, Reuters tired to contact Paul Nash via linkedin. But they couldn’t succeed.

In addition to this: FT.com posted in their post, RBS announced that six employees had been put into disciplinary process, out of 6, 3 of them were suspended.

British Bank ranked fourth place in 2009 in the Foreign Exchange market, but now british bank(one of the large market player in Forex moved eighth position in 2014 because of drastic shrinkage.

SFO – Serious Fraud Office Statement

forex manipuliation arrest

The SFO Reported that “We can confirm that a 48-year-old man appeared before Westminster Magistrates’ Court [on 23 December] in relation to the SFO’s ongoing Forex investigation. He remains on police bail in relation to this matter.”

The agency would not confirm nor deny that Mr Nash had been arrested.

The SFO also said that City of London Police has arrested a man Paul Nash from Billericay for Forex Manupulation investigation.

At the same time, RBS refused to comment on this subject.!!

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