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 What is American Food Stamp Program or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP)?


American Food stamp Program is now called as SNAP( Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), it is initiated by US government to feed low or no-income people in the U.S. The SNAP program is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

These benefits were distributed by U.S. State’s division of Social Services of Family and Childern. Around $133.08/month was spent for an individual participant in Food Stamp Program (SNAP).

Food Stamp – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP) in Numbers:

No. of Americans Benefited: 47.6 million Americans

Amount Spent in 2013: $76.4 Billion ~ € 62.77 Billions

Recently its is announced from Michigan state analysis that it has more food STAMP recipients than public school students.

Real Facts about One Hundred American Dollars:

One hundred Dollar USD is the highest value bill in circulation in the United States of America. Around 4 out of 5 $100 bills, its found that there are Traces of cocaine. $100 bills are mostly used for cocaine snoring than anyother bills.

one hundred USD dollars

 Awesome Facts about Ten Thousand Dollars:

Using $10,000 USD you can buy a used car or go for an European Cruise vacation with your family. Also $10,000 USD is equal to 3 years of work for an average Indian.

ten thousand USD dollars american food stamps

 How about 1Million USD?

Its is equal to 6crore of INR. It is calculated that average indian must earn 300years to earn $1,000,000(USD). However there are million of people more than $60,000/Month in India than U.S.

one million dollars USD american food stamp nation

 What Is Food Stamp Cards – EBT Cards?

More than 47.6 million Americans are benefited by Food Stamp Program also known as SNAP. In-order to avoid the stigma of Food stamp benefits, the EBT Cards were created and its used by the Americans same as Credit Cards.

USD American food stamp cards EBT CARDS

 Remember Breadline of America’s THE GREAT DEPRESSION of 1930’s ??

Important fact about the Great Depression Day is that People stood in the line for about 1/4 miles, which is 458 People standing in the line to get their food at a soup kitchen.

But Today, U.S. Govt brought by the technology “EBT Cards” same as credit cards for Food Stamp Program. These cards can be used by the People at the local retailers to get their foods. Usually EBT Cards will have certain amount($) allotted by the Govt.

More than 4000Walmart Super center are operating to provide food for Food Stamp program ( SNAP ).

BreadLine USD american food stamp participants

 Check Out the Line during 1930’s “The Great Depression day”

american bread line at 1930 great depression infographics

Facts about the Stamp Program(SNAP)

  • Around 47% of Food Stamp (SNAP) Participants are Childern
  • 78.6 are in metropolitan areas.
  • Only 4% of Stamp Program Participants are self employed
  • 93.2% of People belongs to US citizens.

America's modern breadline USD food stamp Walmart

 Stunning Facts about one-hundred Million Dollars

With this Money, You can start really huge Bank in India. ;)

100million dollar USD american food stamp infographics

 I Can’t imagine about $100Millions USD

100million dollar USD=3500 average american one year salary

What is One-Billion Dollars?

Can’t Imagine billion dollars?.

Recently UBER raised billions of dollars to get prepared IPO. With the Billion dollar you will become one of the most influential people in the country.

1billion dollars USD american life style

 Facts about $1Billion American Dollars

If you have cash of Billion dollar of $100bills, you definitely need a track to carry them.

2billion dollars USD fits in truck at $100bills


This Infographics were originally appeared on Demonocracy. Featured Image Credits goes to Memespp