Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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technical analysis strategy

technical analysis dow theory binary options trading

The technical analysis or chart analysis stragies is nothing but the analysing and studying the rates charts of the different assets like USD, YEN, Gold,etc to predict(guess) their trends.

Who invented technical analysis strategy?

It was invented by Dow and it is called Dow theory. This man Co-founded the Wall-Street Journal. As a financial analyst, his theory is completely based on market remembers which meant that past will reiterated the present and it will again reiterated the future.

Eg: www.tradingwala.com Bearish Charts



Video Tutorial to use technical analysis to Trade Binary options

Why technical analysis can be rewarding strategy?

You can trained well in Technical analysis strategy by using “paper accounts” which is otherwise known as demo accounts. You can trade using the fake money given by the broker to learn more about the strategy and once you get more confidence about trading using this strategy, start implementing the strategy in real accounts. Demo accounts is one of the using asset given by brokers, as most of the successful traders were trained well using the demo accounts, which will lead you to success.

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